This forum of posting ones artwork allows easier access for a wider audience to view. Most of my work was created for my college classes. In taking a variety of art classes I was exposed to a wide range of techniques. Though I may not use these techniques in my everyday professional life, they are part of my repertoire of skills that I can draw on when given work assignments.

My favorite classes were the Three-Dimensional and Ceramics. I was challenged by building in 3D because there were structural restrictions to the assignments. The Cardboard Chair and The Bridge had the most external factors with weight applied to the object for a certain amount of time and a limit on the materials to be used.

The Cardboard Chair had to hold my 190 pound body for 30 seconds. Cardboard and water tape(one side you had to water to make sticky the other side was made of paper) were the only materials.

The Bridge had two requirements: it had to hold a very heavy brick and also be wide enough to let a miniature tractor with a wide trailer go under the bridge without any structural damage or collapse of the bridge.

The ceramics class involved wheel-throwing the clay to create each project assignment. The process required strength and timing as well as the artistic to create the ceramic pieces. I enjoyed the challenge of centering the piece of clay which is crucial to the structure of the piece, then when bringing up the walls it was the difficulty of keeping your fingers the same distance apart, so the walls are even rather than thick and thin in different parts. The Functional Toy looks like a lady with a hat. When separated the pieces become a table setting: a pitcher, bowl, plate, cup, and salt and pepper shakers. I had to precisely measure each piece for the proper connections so each element stacked correctly and would not be flimsy. This project was a task I couldn’t imagine accomplishing at the beginning of this class since I struggled from the start with centering the clay, I couldn’t make tall enough cylinders, and couldn’t manage uniform sides. By the time I was presented with the Functional Toy project it came together the way I imagined the piece to be.


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